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Online Services

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This will provide access to all Sharepoint and Intranet resourses and the Gateway for all your SIMS ActivitiesWKGS Sharepoint and Intranet/Staff Portal
WKGS Sharepoint is the school's Virtual Learning Environment
Incorporating the School's Intranet/Staff Portal and access to the Gateway
WKGS.Net Office 365 Email
Access to Staff and Student email
Authorised Users Only
WKGS Anywhere
Acess remote apps e.g SIMS, Office 2013
Authorised Users Only
WKGS.Net Student Portal
Access student portal services.
WKGS Students Only
WKGS.Net Parents' Portal
Secure real-time access to information about your child.
Authorised Parents Only
WKGS Internet Payments Service
Make a payment to the school.
Authorised Users Only
WKGS.Net My Learner Profile
Track your progress through your studies and view your profile.
Authorised Users Only

Parents Evening Booking System



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   Tel: 0151 632 3449
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